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About us

Dakota's Document Preparation,LLC has been assisting people and small business since 2010. Dakota's Document Preparation,LLC is a full service legal document preparation business that offers-low cost assistance preparing legal documents for the public. We prepare divorces,power of attorney,name changes,notary,child support,wills,seal/expungment of criminal records,early termination of probation and restoration of civil rights. WE ARE NOT ATTORNEYS AND WE DO NOT SOLICIT LEGAL ADVICE.

In 2004, I lost my loving and devoted father Dakota King, to lung and bone cancer. He passed away at the tender age of 69; he was my motivator, my protector, my rock and my strength. Taking time to recover from the loss of my  loving father, I decided to pay homage to my dad by naming my business after him. His memory lives on through me and the continued success of  Dakota's Document Preparation, LLC.

Gigi King, CEO